Businesses Pitch-in for Youth

JPR driver Ritchie delivers the first batch of discounted infield mix to the field.

“Since this is for the kids, I want to help,” said Randy Goldstrom of Westside Concrete Hitch-N-Go. Randy is among the many New Mexico businesses to pitch in for the Ball Field of Hope.

As a community-driven effort, the investment businesses have in the community is clear. Safety Zone Credentialing has donated all the equipment necessary to level and sand the field as well as the training and oversight needed from Joseph Montoya for students providing the labor. JPR has stepped up to the plate (twice!) to discount the infield mix required to complete the field for phase one.

Co-owner, Joseph Montoya, clears concrete from the field with the equipment donated through his company Safety Zone Credentialing. (Photo by Sarah Azibo)

Calvin and his son help load donated baseballs from Duke City Cages for use in a sculpture. (Photo credit: Tara Armijo-Prewitt)

Moving into the next phase of the project which includes laying concrete for an accessible pathway to the field, three businesses united to help make this happen. Quikrete contributed 12,000 pounds of concrete mix and RAKS arranged for a discounted transport of the material from the warehouse to the field. Westside Concrete Hitch-N-Go matched the materials contribution to complete the path and Randy provided use of a mixer along with it to help move the job along.

Additional contributions have come from Duke City Cages. They were glad to share a collection of old baseballs to include in a field sculpture. Lowe’s contributed gloves, bins and saws to support the Day of Caring event.

Zookeepers from the ABQ Bio Park Zoo donated their labor services by collecting trees that were used for food for the animals. Patti Rivas and Kelsey Carrillo have been working together in collecting food since then. Through a grant provided by Dick’s Sporting Goods, anchored bases were donated to help with ball practices. Fencing was donated by Payless Fence CO. LLC, which created a safe environment to surround the area. We also want to recognize Comcast and Keleher & McLeod, P.A for their monetary gifts.  

The Ball Field of Hope committee would like to thank Pericos New Mexican Restaurant for allowing our youth interns to participate in last year’s fundraising series. The booth was crucial in allowing the community to stay knowledgeable and supportive of this project. 

As of 2023, businesses collectively contributed $3,175 to this project. Every contribution is a gift to the youth in South Valley.

We are thankful for all the businesses that have supported this cause and continue to give to this effort.

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