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CH Mechanical & NM Gas Co.


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The landscape of modern business is changing, driven by a clarion call for purpose-driven initiatives. At the heart of this transformation, the United Way of North Central New Mexico (UWNCNM) understands the power of shared purpose. In an era where stakeholders, employees, and consumers yearn for meaningful connections, research consistently points to a compelling truth: purpose-driven companies not only resonate deeper but also achieve higher revenues, attract exceptional talent, foster better employee engagement, and cultivate stronger brand loyalty.

Over the past two and a half years, UWNCNM has been refining its approach to bridge the gap between corporate responsibility and business aspirations. Our initiative, Shared Purpose, is not just a model but a commitment to collaborative value creation. By intertwining the best of corporate expertise with the vast resources and experience of UWNCNM, we can amplify the positive ripple effect across communities while optimizing your return on investment.

Engagement, Impact, and Reputation are more than just words to us. They represent core offerings that are tailored to elevate a company’s purpose and profit goals. By aligning with UWNCNM’s proven strategies and tools, businesses are empowered to address and surmount challenges related to these facets. Through Shared Purpose, we stand ready to partner and innovate, driving forward the vision of a world where business and corporate social responsibility converge for the greater good, answering the desires of the discerning consumer, and forging paths of impactful resonance in every key market.

If your company is interested in working with UWNCNM and other community partners, please email Melissa Dracup.


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