As a Hispano Philanthropic Society member, you are eligible to serve as a Grant Panel Volunteer for our 2022-2023 grant allocation process.

Volunteers Needed for the Grant Review Panel

We are seeking 4-5 people to help review applications for the HPS Leadership Initiative grants. Being a Grant Review Panel member is a very rewarding experience. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the inspiring work that is happening in our community, to work with people from different backgrounds, and to have a voice in how the HPS Leadership Initiative grant dollars are spent.

Here’s a brief overview of the Grant Review Panel process:

  1. Volunteers complete online training and orientation (required for both new and returning volunteers). This training is currently scheduled for Thursday, February 24, 2022.
  2. Panel members read proposals from nonprofit agencies that promote and serve Hispanics, from Cradle to Career, through the following focus areas of UWCNM’s Impact Agenda:
    1. Improve Student Success in School
    2. Increase Student Engagement with the Community
    3. Support Students and Working Families
    4. Secure and Stable Homes
    5. Safety and Well-Being
  3. Panelists score each proposal individually.
  4. Panels meet virtually and deliberate until they agree on a Panel Score and Panel Statement of Application Strengths and Weaknesses for each agency. This collective score is submitted, along with a recommendation to fund under HPS or not.

The time commitment is up to 25 hours, spread out between late-February to mid-March.

 Here’s what HPS members have said about their experiences serving on a grant panel:

 “Serving on the HPS grant panel was a fulfilling opportunity because I was able to learn more about several non-profit organizations in our community on a deeper level. Meeting the individuals that lead these organizations was rewarding because their love for their work is palpable. The partnerships that result from this process are also unique; we’ve been fortunate to see the results of our donor contributions through agency presentations and sharing, after the fact.” – Andrea Romero

“One of the greatest gifts you can give your community is your time. Having the opportunity to connect with people from our community and listen to the compassionate action they take daily to serve our community was extremely rewarding and life-changing. My time commitment to this effort was worth every minute.” – Maui Najera

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Stephanie Urban as soon as possible.


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