Teaching and providing new opportunities for high school students

Bank of America has granted Tax Help New Mexico $25,000 to launch a financial literacy pilot program at Highland High School. With the help of community school coordinators, UWCNM is building a TaxHelp ‘business’ at community schools, starting with Highland Highschool. Working with local leaders and high school students to develop the program, the site will educate high school youth on the importance of financial literacy as well as give them the tools and skills to complete taxes for their local community members. In order to increase participation, UWCNM would like to use funds to pay the students ‘working’ at the TaxHelp site to incentivize participation as well as improve financial stability for families in the International District.

If you have questions, contact our Tax Help Program Manager Jeffrey Ledbetter at jeffrey.ledbetter@uwcnm.org.


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