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Youth Internship Program at UWCNM

We are excited to welcome twelve talented individuals as United Way interns in our Fall 2022 Youth Internship Program! These interns reside in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia counties and attend various high schools and colleges. This ten-week paid internship will provide each intern with training and experience in their career field of choice be it Data Collection & Analysis, Marketing, Outreach, Finance & Fundraising, or Event Planning & Implementation. In addition to their career focus, they have selected a Rising Together initiative to support with the options being Early Childhood Education, K-12 Attendance & Engagement, College & Career Readiness, or Community Resources. 

United Way staff from each department will be providing tools and tips for interns to apply to their areas of focus as they design activities for a “Road Show.” This Road Show project will aim to engage youth and families in sharing their voices in Rising Together initiatives through activities that can be offered in various locations. This Youth Internship Program is being overseen by Community Impact Manager Sarah Azibo and Research Scientist Ruth Juarez with support from Adult Education Manager Martha Hughes.
We are delighted to be working alongside these interns! ~Youth Internship Team

Meet the Interns

Galilea Anguiano – Event Planning & Implementation, Community Resources 

My name is Galilea Anguiano, I am a dual credit student at College and Career High School. I am a pre-law major and what to be a contract attorney. I am very excited to get to know everyone and work with them for the next 10 weeks!

Pauline Mae Sanchez – Event Planning & Implementation, Early Childhood Education 

Hi, I am Pauline Mae Sanchez. I love reading, sleeping, and playing guitar. I also love helping people. I am so excited to meet new people and I hope this internship can teach me very many skills that I can use in the future.

Mariel León-Lazcano – Outreach & Marketing, Early Childhood Education 

Hello, my name is Mariel León-Lazcano! I am very excited and looking forward to work with everyone. Something to know about me is that I enjoy music, so if you have any music recommendations please let me know!

Ava Weinberg – Data Collection & Analysis, Early Childhood Education 

My name is Ava Weinberg and I am currently a junior at La Cueva High School. I am excited and grateful to be a part of this internship program. I can’t wait to work with everyone in order to give back and better the community. 

Laynie Lopez – Data Collection & Analysis, College & Career Readiness

Hello, my name is Laynie Lopez. I am 16 years old and in the 11th grade at Cuba High School. I am Native American and I speak intermediate Navajo. A photo that I think represents me: An ant.

Hailey Martinez – Marketing & Outreach, Community Resources 

This is my image that I feel represents me. Three things I want people to know about me is I am 17 years old, I am a senior at Cibola High School, and I am Native American specifically Navajo.

Shelby Jones – Marketing & Outreach, Early Childhood Education 

My name is Shelby and I am a Sophomore at La Cueva High School. I love training dogs, reading, and going for walks. I am really excited for this internship!

Abdul Rahman Hussaini – Finance & Fundraising, College & Career Readiness 

My name is Abdul Rahman Hussaini. I’m from Afghanistan, I love listening to music, and I do wrestling.

Taylor Hall – Fundraising & Finance, Early Childhood Education 

My name is Taylor Hall. I am a huge people person and I stay on the positive side. I am hard-working but try to stay fun and energetic to people around me. 

Henry Furlow – Data Collection & Analysis, K-12 Attendance & Engagement 

I am a Junior at Explore Academy with a current focus on Data Analysis, specifically Data Visualization. I currently know how to use Tableau, Excel, and the very basics of Python. I plan to learn about genetic engineering in college while keeping data analysis as a secondary focus.

Gloria Harris – Event Planning & Implementation, Early Childhood Education 

I am Gloria Harris. A hardworking, funny, cheerful girl. Who adores cats and is obsessed with all things food especially desserts. I love all music and am not really picky with it.

Morgan Johnston – Data Collection & Analysis, Community Resources 

Hello, I’m Morgan Johnston, I’m 15 and in my sophomore year of high school. I attend Valencia High School in Valencia county. I adore math and strive to learn as much as possible. I love making connections with all kinds of people from different places, as I always learn something new. 


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