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The Women United donor group has such a positive impact on many local organizations. Through our Women United Fund, we help create sustainable systemic change in our five-county community through grants that address a continuum of services and the most pressing issues for women.

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Remi Ward is our Donor Group Manager for Women United and the point-of-contact for inquiries, membership, events, and donations.

Remi began managing the group this year and is proud of some of the accomplishments that Women United has made: “WU strives to be rooted in equity, so we’ve removed all donation requirements in order to become a member & funds go to organizations that work to improve the health, well-being, and self-sufficiency of women that live in our own community.”

Why should someone join WU? There is “an outstanding network of women who are supportive, caring, and community-focused & the impact of the work goes so much further when we all band together “

Remi sees the future of Women United as “strengthening the network of women involved in the work, by focusing on DEI in order to improve and deepen the work of WU & breaking down barriers in order to help women in our community live healthy and self-sufficient lives “

Thank you, Remi, for all that you do!


Meet Sara! She is the Executive Director of Minnesota Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and currently serves on our Women United Council and the Education and Engagement Committee.

Sara joined Women United after moving here two years ago from the Twin Cities. She was previously very involved with United Way and wanted to engage with her new community. She has learned about how our donations make a difference, and has met some fantastic women!

What work is Sara currently doing for WU? “I serve on the Women United Council and the Education and Engagement Committee. On the Council, we plan for the entire year, and on the E&E Committee, we provide training through article reviews and exposure to the agencies we support.”

Why does she think you should join WU? “Overall, I think women should join Women United because of the impact we’re trying to make to support women into self-sufficiency. And you get to network with like-minded women in our community.”

What are her future goals for WU? “I would like to see Women United expand its reach and attract many more women into our ranks!”

Thanks for all you do, Sara!

Meet Joy! She joined Women United because it is “crucial for me to be a part of a group that elevates all women and celebrates the roles they play in our communities.”

Her current work with WU? “We are working on our Sip & Shop event that highlights the work of non-profits that serve women.”

Why she thinks you should join WU? “Women United is a passionate group that looks for opportunities to celebrate successes of women in our community. It is a joy to reward the great strides made with women-focused non-profit organizations. It is rewarding to visit an agency to see their positive impact.”

Her proudest accomplishments in WU? “Our group is flexible and open to ideas from all. After a conversation with our leader, about my own experience with volunteering at an agency, she quickly sprang to thought. We created a project to recognize front-line volunteers within the agencies. The volunteers received a recognition award and a token of our appreciation. The ability to positively affect a person’s life through appreciation felt like a tremendous win.”

Her future goals for WU? “My goal is to create a further awareness of Women United to others in our community.”

Thank you, Joy, for all that you do!

Meet Nichole! She is a Women United Council Member who joined because she “wanted to make an impact in women’s lives.”

Her current work with WU? “Each month, we invite our members to learn more by joining our agency visits, article discussions, and other education and engagement events.”

Why does she think you should join WU? “Women United is dedicated to empowering women in our community by funding agencies that serve women’s needs. These agencies strive to educate and support women from all walks of life and, ultimately, reach self-sufficiency, break generational cycles, and teach their children a new way to live. I was raised by a single mother, so I know firsthand the impact women have on their children. Having support and a community behind a woman impacts the lives around her exponentially.”

Her proudest accomplishments with WU? “We have held several community events that show the power of our combined contributions. Additionally, we were able to complete a special project at Crossroads.”

Her future goals with WU? “I would like to spread the word about Women United and increase our membership. By combining our efforts and funding, we are able to make a significant impact on our community.”

Thank you, Nichole, for all that you do!

Meet Cindy! She joined Women United ” to be a part of a group of women who lends a helping hand to other women who need it.”

Her current work with WU? “I am a part of the Celebration and Appreciation Committee that celebrates the successes of women and women who help other women. Our Bonita Box service event is where we thank non-profit employees by giving them a box filled with fun and practical personal items.”

Why does she think you should join WU? “Women United has allowed me to learn more about non-profit services which help women. If you would like to have fun by helping others and working with other WU members who are smart and fun, then this group is for you!”

Her proudest accomplishments with WU? “Being able to act on all of the events that WU plans with success while still dealing with an epidemic blows my mind. The people I work with in WU and UWCNM are exceptional!”

Her future goals with WU? “I want to continue to learn more about non-profit services, and the ways that I can make a positive difference for them.”

Thank you, Cindy, for all that you do!

Becky Krauss

Meet Becky! She is the Women United Council Chair and joined Women United to “actively support, through volunteering and donation, organizations that work to improve the lives of women in my community.”

Her current work with WU? “Women United hosts monthly events, encompassing agency visits (come learn about the organizations that are helping women), volunteer opportunities (come help an agency stock their supplies, sort through tangible donations, build furniture or paint walls), and article discussions (come learn about current issues and how we can make a difference).”

Why does she think you should join WU? “By joining Women United, you get to make an impact alongside motivated women working to build meaningful and lasting change empowering women to improve their lives.”

Her proudest accomplishments with WU? “In 2021, Women United donated our time and money to working with TenderLove Community Center helping them set up a Computer Lab and Crossroads for Women helping them turn an abandoned behavioral health hospital into Crossroads Village.”

Her future goals with WU? “To support these organizations that support women, I want to see more people giving to the Women United Fund and attending Women United events.”

Thank you, Becky, for all that you do!

Meet Heidi! She is a Weapons Modernization Operations Lead and current member of Women United.

Why she joined WU? “I wanted to make a bigger difference with my donation. I knew that my contributions along with other contributions could make a bigger difference than by doing it alone!”

Her current work with WU? “Women United is dedicated to building meaningful and lasting change empowering women to improve their lives.”

Why does she think you should join WU? “Wow! So many good things are happening. Women United has agency visits where we get to learn more about the organizations we support. We have volunteer opportunities where we actually get to go to the agencies and help them meet a need. We also celebrate the women who have met their goals through La Bonita Mariposa or Bonita Box events.”

Her proudest accomplishments with WU? “I have been part of Women United through my giving for many years, but have been engaged as part of the Women United Council since 2017. I was a member of the Council and am currently the Chair of Education and Engagement. Probably my best memory was the La Bonita Mariposa event that we held in 2019 where we pampered 20+ women who had worked hard to achieve their goals. Each woman had been nominated by their agency for the exemplary work they had achieved. The women who participated were so appreciative and so excited to be part of this event. It was truly humbling!”

Her future goals with WU? “I would like to see the work of Women United expand by getting more people giving to the Women United Fund and see more volunteer opportunities”

Thank you, Heidi, for all that you do!

Meet Julie! Julie works as an Information Systems Engineering Project Manager and is a current member of our Women United donor group

Why she joined WU? “I faced many challenges as a single mother on welfare living in project housing as I struggled to achieve my current success…I want to help underprivileged women with the challenges they face and offer a helping hand to lift them towards their goals.”

What is she currently working on with WU?” Women United not only provides monetary support but also emotional support with give-back activities focused on recognizing women in need. These activities acknowledge the struggles confronted and provide an acknowledgment and reward to encourage continuing on that sometimes lonely path to self-sufficiency.”

Her proudest accomplishments with WU? “My personal contribution and accomplishment for Women United is the establishment of a recurring activity “La Bonita Mariposa.” This activity is aimed at rewarding clients of the non-profit agencies supported by Women United, who have been working in their respective programs for over a year. I want those women to know they are not alone and have not been forgotten. That Women United is here and will continue to be here for them as they work towards self-sufficiency. Join Women United to see and experience firsthand what an unexpected simple acknowledgment and recognition gift means to those women.”

What are her future goals for WU?” I would like to see Women United membership grow and expand our impact on the community of underprivileged women with new ideas for how to make the journey for women escaping homelessness, domestic violence, and poverty a bit easier. To let them know that it is not the life they have to endure and accept because there is a band of warrior women by their side.”

Why does she think you should join Women United? “The feeling of self-satisfaction I have at the end of the day after volunteering my time and helping out others is enormous. That good feeling improves your mood, reduces stress, relieves anxiety, and is contagious. I invite you to join me and experience the positive impact the Women United donor group will have on you and your family.”

Anything additional you would like to share? “Giving of yourself is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference by sharing your opinions, ideas, and time. Women United need your help to build a stronger community of women helping other women. Please join our donor group – Women United.”

Thank you, Julie, for all that you do!


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