John & Kris Stichman – 90 Faces of United Way

John and Kris Stichman – 90 FACES OF UNITED WAY “Involvement with UWNCNM has helped us to support some very important community needs, some directly through UWNCNM programs and many by immersing us in a community of both donors and agencies.” John and Kris Stichman Alexis de Tocqueville Society Members John and Kris Stichman have […]

Gabe Castro – 90 Faces of United Way

Gabe Castro – 90 Faces of United Way Gabe is confident about UWNCNM’s next 90 years, “I hope we’re still doing the same work and including the voices of everyone. I want to be a part of making that difference.” Gabe Castro Director of Operations for Adult Medical Specialties at Presbyterian Healthcare Services When Gabe […]

Chris O’Conner – 90 Faces of United Way

Chris O’Conner – 90 Faces of United Way “Great ideas like mock interviews, internships, community and education connections that directly benefit students.” Chris O’Conner Educator and Donor in Valencia County Chris O’Conner, a long-time educator and donor in Valencia County, thinks the support UWCNM has given to the community has been very meaningful. She appreciates […]

Maria Jose Rodriguez Cadiz – 90 Faces of United Way

Maria Jose Rodriguez Cadiz-90 Faces of United Way “Receiving United Way funding has been fundamental for our services to survivors of sexual assault and for the community to know that United Way cared.” Maria Jose Rodriguez Cadiz Executive Director of Solace Sexual Assault Services Maria Jose Rodriguez Cadiz’s experience as the Executive Director of Solace […]

Del Esparza – 90 Faces of United Way

Del Esparza – 90 Faces of United Way “I am proud to say we surpassed our target, marking it as one of the most fulfilling years of volunteer work in my life,” Del said. “This experience allowed me to connect with fellow community leaders, united in our aim to elevate our community to its highest […]


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