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Housing Stability reaching low-income families, single parents and veterans

One of United Way of North Central New Mexico’s (UWNCNM) goals is to improve housing stability in North Central New Mexico. As part of this work, UWNCNM’s Rising Together initiative partners with the Siemer Institute, Cuidando Los Niños (CLN), and the Veterans Integration Center (VIC) to help families maintain consistent, stable housing and educational opportunities.

When a family faces economic challenges, it is hard to focus on the steps necessary to regain stability. Through our partnership, case managers from CLN and VIC help families prevent long-term crisis by providing responsive financial coaching, mentoring, job training, behavioral health assistance, and referrals to other agencies where families can get the support needed to thrive.

Cuidando Los Niños focuses on breaking the cycle of homelessness for children and their families. Their housing program combines rental assistance and support services. Case Managers often work with single parents in need of help.

“The housing team has multiple success stories. Most recently we helped a mother and her four-year-old son escape a domestic violence situation. The family came to us in February, 2023. We were able to get the family safely housed by May, 2023. Since then, the mother became employed in a work-from-home position that allows her to care for her son while attending school here at Cuidando. She decorated her apartment and even reconnected with an older son with whom she lost contact. She continues to work with our team to pay her own rent and is attending our parenting group/counseling weekly.” – Case Manager at Cuidando Los Niños

At the Veterans Integration Center, case managers focus on promoting housing stability among very low-income veteran families who reside in or are transitioning to permanent housing. Their case management services provide person-centered support services to focus on the needs of each veteran family.

“As a single father with children, the VIC allowed us to stay together in a safe environment. With my case manager’s help, I am working on getting my service-connected benefits.” – Paul, Coast Guard Veteran. 

Through housing stability programs, kids experience less disruption in their education as they can stay in school. This allows the entire family to triumph. Education Attainment helps break patterns of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) helping younger generations thrive.

Donating to United Way of North Central New Mexico’s direct services and family stability initiatives helps continue our work in the community. 


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