Many people and organizations across our country and central New Mexico region have stepped up to meet the needs of the many impacted by Covid-19.

Also aiding in that effort is a Mission: Families Emergency Action Group (EAG) that is seeking out and addressing needs of agencies and individuals that might not be otherwise met.

Many needs are being met by organizations such as our own United Way where we’ve worked with partners to raise funds for nonprofits,” says Sondra Slivon, Mission: Families executive director. “What we’re doing is addressing issues that may fall below the radar of these larger efforts; we’re working to assure that families get access to the resources they need during this challenging time.”

The group is made up of Mission: Families partners and includes a wide array of community partners ranging from public education, school board members and public health, to legal services, housing assistance and agencies who support victims of domestic violence.

One such activity is the connection made by EAG team member Bev McMillan who is associated with a Rites of Passage group – a group of young men mentored by adult men who guide them through their passage into adulthood. They conducted an emergency bag drive which contained socks, breakfast bars, toiletries and other items needed. Delivery was halted when Covid-19 deterred the site visit.

Through an EAG discussion, Dorothee Otero, Executive Director of Heading Home, and Bev were able to coordinate delivery of the bags which are now in the hands of clients of Heading Home shelters.

The COVID-19 Emergency Action Group will continue to identify needs through weekly meetings and sharing resources that connect children and families with what they need through taking advantage of its well-connected membership.



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