The death of George Floyd and the subsequent calls for change are galvanizing communities; many are demanding an end to hatred and injustice, particularly to those of us of color.

We join with others in our communities who are peacefully calling for a better path forward – a path defined by a clear call to end discriminatory practices, by the demand for just action when transgressions occur, by a commitment to valuing honesty and transparency, and by promoting what unites us, not what divides us. United Way of Central New Mexico utilizes a framework of diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work to ensure we all have access to what builds a solid foundation for individuals and families in our communities.

United Way of Central New Mexico will work with our many partners as we continue to insist that no one should be left out of having the respect they inherently deserve. Let us all Live United.

Rodney Prunty, President and CEO

Sonya Priestly, Chair, Board of Directors



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