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Attendance, behavior, and course completion are the three big indicators of school success. The Rising Together Attendance Team Support Group is made up of partners from local school districts, community organizations and interested community members. Our goal of increasing high school completion rates is dependent on decreasing absenteeism through:

  • Supporting school-based attendance teams in tracking absences, partnering with the local community, and providing supports and resources to remove attendance obstacles. (Click here for links to resources for teams)
  • Assisting schools as they implement the new Attendance for Success Act, which requires schools to move from a truancy-based system to a chronic absence system of monitoring all absences. (Click here for the Attendance for Success Act)
  • Supporting schools as they develop a system of resources to support families and students; move away from punitive measures and toward conversations and relationship building; increase student engagement by digging deeper into the reasons behind absenteeism and working with students and families to eliminate barriers. (Click below for links to resources for families)

For more info on Attendance, please contact Teri Wimborne.


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