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YLS has long been a beacon of hope for fostering philanthropy and volunteerism among the young leaders in our community. Committed to empowering the youth to explore the vast landscape of college and career pathways, offer mentorship opportunities to high school students, and facilitate networking amongst central New Mexico’s emerging leaders, YLS now aims to take its mission to new heights with this innovative speaker series.

This series is designed to bring local leaders to the forefront, allowing them to share their journeys, insights, and experiences on a variety of topics. By hearing from these accomplished individuals, attendees will gain valuable insights into how leaders reached their current positions and the invaluable advice they have to offer to aspiring young professionals. This initiative not only promises to cultivate effective leaders but also aims to further enhance the spirit of philanthropy and community engagement among the youth of central New Mexico. The Leadership Speaker Series is not just a new chapter in the YLS story; it’s a powerful platform for shaping the leaders and philanthropists of tomorrow.

YLS Speakers

YLS Speaker – Nicole Abreu

Nicole Abreu, the inaugural speaker in the YLS Speaker Series, is a lifelong New Mexico resident whose remarkable journey to her current role as Regional Director of Sales at Ardham Technologies is a testament to her unwavering dedication and relentless drive.

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