UWNCNM Grant Cycle Priorities

Funding Priorities

UWNCNM prioritizes funding for agencies whose goals align with the following funding priorities. 


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Basic Needs

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Capacity Building

Capacity Building Grants help agencies whose work aligns with Impact and Basic Needs funding priorities to develop the capacity and capabilities necessary to achieve deeper impact with the populations they serve. Activities outlined in Capacity Building proposals must improve the program or agency’s effectiveness to carry out its mission more effectively.

Examples of permitted activities for Capacity Building Grants are:

  • Staff development and professional training – activities that help agency program staff develop skills and knowledge to better serve clients and/or deliver services.
  • Data systems – agencies can apply for funding for data systems, data collection and evaluation, that will help them assess, deliver, or improve their programs to better serve clients.
  • Convening and/or collaboration support – Collaborative effort takes time and resources; agencies can apply for funding for staff time, resources or space used to collaborate, develop, strategize or plan to better serve clients.
  • Community organizing – focus groups, convening stakeholders, trainings, collaborations, and professional development.


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